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British Ski Equipment Brands

18th September 2019

A blog from Seren...

Looking forward to your next ski holiday, but wish you had some new equipment? We’ve found some of the very best British ski brands out there to get you kitted up and ready to hit the slopes this winter. Whether you’re looking for new skis, thermals or just wish you could enjoy the French Alps from the comfort of your own home, we’ve got it all.



Whitedot freeride skis are some of the best on the market. There focus is to create equipment focused on specific roles within the mountains freeride environments. Whitedot skis were the talk of the industry when Austrian pro-skier Eva Walkner achieved first-class world podium paces and came first in the Freeride World Tour in 2015 and 2016 using Whitedot skis.

Their product range doesn’t end there though, you can also purchase branded apparel and safety equipment including ski helmets. The brand ethos is centred around 4 key elements:

  1. Purity of Purpose
  2. Clarity of Design
  3. Reliable Performance
  4. Innovative Technology

Lonely Mountain Skis

Based in Perthshire, Lonely Mountain Skis create handmade custom skis. There are 3 different shapes to choose from, each blend traditional and modern materials to create a superb set of skis. Founder Jamie Kunka aims to make skis that will last a lifetime but are artistic enough to hang on your wall between seasons.

With sustainability in mind, Lonely Mountain Skis use sustainable, natural materials where possible, meaning 80% of their materials are from grown sources. In a bid to offset their carbon footprint, Lonely Mountain promises to plant two trees for every ski they sell. If that wasn’t impressive enough, in 2016 they made the switch to 100% renewable energy derived from hydro and wind power.



PFD Skis

Creating handmade skis using the perfect blend of material and design, PFD created their ‘no gimmick’ freeride skis. Their materials consist of carbon-neutral, responsibly sourced bamboo which makes up 70% of the ski’s body.

In 2018 PFD released their freeride snowboard range which expanded their already impressive range of equipment. 2018/19 saw the release of two new snowboard designs, the Begin Mountain Powder Plank and the BMPP Split, which is top of our list to try.


Nix Snowsport

Nix skis are unique to their owners, providing customer centred service, the brand takes the customers specifications and builds the product based on where they like to ski, their experience level, design preference and other vital information. Prices start from £1675 and Nix aim to have your personalised skis delivered in just 4 weeks.

All their products are 100% carbon reinforced with Moso bamboo. This specific type of bamboo grows quickly and continually so it is far more sustainable than hardwood. Making the move from traditional epoxies to non-toxic bio-resin was vital for their aim to be as green as possible. The new bio-resin is made from reused waste plant material and gives off fewer harmful VOCs, it is specifically designed for ski and snowboard manufacturers it offers higher strength, impact and UV resistance. 


Fauna Skis

After ten years for research Fauna launched their stunning line of wood finished, factory-produced skis. Their first set of park skis were the Alparka’s, focused on producing high-quality skis that would withstand the tribulations that come with park skiing.

Fauna founder Alex says “Fauna Skis is about creating a range of high performance, wood finished unisex skis for a wide range of freeskiers, sold directly to you, without the high cost of boutique or custom skis. Starting in February 2019 with our alpaca emblazoned twin-tip skis, the Alparka; continuing to expand next winter with our lightweight, all-mountain freeride ski, the Pioneer, and beyond with more models & sizes”.

Fauna skis are made with a variety of materials including ‘gun stock’ side walls. The walnut sidewalls were chosen for their durability and strong impact resistance. The sustainably sourced wood veneer gives the skis a modern look whilst also providing a durable, moisture and UV resistant finish. The core of the Alparka skis are entirely made from stringers of ash, whereas the Pioneer freeride skis are a mix of ash and paulownia which is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, creating a responsive, light, wider freeride ski.

Keep an eye out for more varieties of Fauna skis with additional freestyle, freeride and powder skis being released in the coming months.




Emmpire 92

After noticing a gap in the market for functional yet stylish base layers, Emmpire 92 founder Emma threw herself into designing high quality, modern clothing for women looking for extra warmth on the mountain. We tested these fashion-forward base layers on the slopes of Courchevel and Andorra last season and we were blown away by their quality.

Emmpire 92 has a range of base layers and leggings with secret pockets. Weeks of market research helped develop these products, with female skiers and snowboarders looking for very specific features to make moving between the slopes and the bars easier. The base layers feature a lift pass/ bank card pocket, thumb holes, high neck for extra protection against the wind and a key chain loop to keep your valuables safe. Even if you’re not hitting the slopes this year, these base layers are perfect for British winter mornings.


Planks Clothing

Planks started when founder Jim Adlington recognised the growing popularity of freeskiing, there was a clear gap in the market for a ‘skiers’ brand. Having previously been a professional skier sponsored by Salomon, Oakley and Vans, Jim decided to venture into a new career.

As a brand Planks believes that “enjoyment and a sense of adventure should be evident in everything we produce. This forms the basis of the brand - allowing everyone to have as much fun as possible, on and off the hill”. Striving to make high quality, practical garments that can be enjoyed both on and off the mountain, Planks have created a range of apparel including ski and leisure clothing as well as a variety of accessories perfect for your next ski holiday.




How many times have you done the balancing act of trying to get through the airport with your skis under one arm, and your suitcase behind you? SnoKart specialises in ski and snow luggage designed to make your life easier and make getting to the slopes a little less stressful.

Their most popular product is the Kart 6 which has 3 core modules; Kart Roller Zoom, Cargo 60 Roller and Kargo 40 Case. SnoKart is a favourite amongst professional skiers and boarders and those looking to head further afield for a long-haul ski holiday.

Whether you’re looking for a new boot bag, hand luggage size backpack or a full travel system, SnoKart has a product for everyone.




If you’ve ever been to the French Alps, the chances are you’ve tried a glass or two of demi- pêche, unfortunately, before Jubel changed the market, you’d have to travel to France for your freshly poured demi- pêche. Jesse and Tom created their own award-winning version of demi- pêche and took the market by storm. Now stocked in Sainsbury’s across the UK, Jubel Alpine is a refreshing beer cut with peach, which is gluten-free and vegan-friendly and a taste of the French Alps in the comfort of your own home. Over the past 12 months, Jubel has expanded their range to now include Urban (beer cut with elderflower) and Coast (beer cut with grapefruit).

Now you can sit back, relax with a bottle of Jubel while you’re shopping for your new ski kit for this season. Enjoy!

For Further Information:

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