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Top 5 Alpine Dishes You Must Try

7th December 2018

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If your French Alps ski holiday doesn't contain at least one of these tastebud enticing dishes, you would have missed out on some incredible food. Here is our guide to the top 5 alpine dishes you must try on your next French Alps ski holiday. 


This semi-firm cheese is synonymous with the Alps. Similar to Gruyere, this creamy cheese is usually found in most restaurants after a day on the slopes. Served at the table, the freshly melted cheese is layered over small potatoes, dried meats and either gherkins or pickled onions. The origins of Raclette are quite simple, Swiss shepherds wanted a food that they could take into the Alps that would not spoil during the summer months. They would take cheese and potatoes that would be cooked on an open fire. Once the potatoes were cooked, the melted cheese would be 'scraped' over the top. The French word 'to scrape' translates to 'racler', this is how Raclette cheese came to be named. Though not cooked on an open fire anymore, the cheese is traditionally served on individual heated plates or, at more traditional restaurants, half a round of cheese is melted under a hot grill and the top layer is spread across your chosen dish.


When you break for lunch on the mountain, you'd be hard pushed to not find a restaurant serving tartiflette. The simple dish brings together Relochan cheese, potatoes, lardons, cream, onions and white wine in a delicious dish you'll want to eat again and again. Soon this will be your lunch dish of choice on the mountains, though its history will surprise you. You could easily think that this is a classic, traditional French dishes, passed down through generations. You would be mistaken, this dish has it's origins in the 1980s, created by the Union Interprofessional Reblochon the recipe was used to promote sales of Reblochon cheese.

Gratin Savoyard

Another hearty dish you'll find in the French Alps is 'Gratin Savoyard'. The warming dishes of layered potatoes with cream smoked bacon, nutmeg and garlic is the perfect side dish for any meal. Similar to Dauphinois, Gratin Savoyard is a baked dish that is traditionally served alongside a meat dish. The difference between Dauphinois and Gration Savoyard is the use of beef broth instead of milk. The broth gives the dish a little more body and creates a wonderful hearty dish. This dish can be found in bistros and fine dining restaurants alike.

Fondue Savoyarde

Though the origins of cheese fondue herald from Switzerland, Savoyarde fondue contains cheeses from the Haute Savoie and Savoie regions. Typically, Comte, Tomme de Savoie and Beaufort are used to create this dish, rounded off with a splash of white wine, garlic and a touch of Kirsch. If you are attempting Savoyarde fondue at home, it is recommended that you slice your bread into large cubes in the morning, this gives the bread an opportunity to dry out a little, meaning that you are less likely to lose it when you dip it into the cheese.

Brioche de Saint Genix

After all that cheese and potatoes, you will be reaching for something sweet. In the boulangeries of the Savoie region, you will find the bright pink wonder that is the Brioche de Saint Genix. Named after the village of Saint-Genix-sur-Geiers, just 30km from Chambery, this sticky, crunchy brioche stands out from even the most delicately decorated pastries. The pink pralines added just before baking marble the dough and create ribbons of pink through the light brioche.

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